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Executive Branch

Strategic Development

Joseph P. Doty
Chief Deputy Probation Officer

The Strategic Development Bureau (SDB) is responsible for the following divisions: Business Intelligence and Operations Services (BIOS), the Justice Systems Change Initiative (JSCI), Management Support Team (MST), and the Staff Development Unit (SDU). In addition, the SDB provides oversight of the Use of Force Committee.

BIOS provides an array of technology-related services to the department. The division designs, implements and supports network and hardware infrastructure; provides network administration and help desk support; conducts quality assurance reviews; implements data exchanges among the courts, law enforcement agencies and third-party organizations; and is the liaison to the Riverside County Information Technology Department.

JSCI is focused on addressing the overarching topic of systemic racism. The division’s main priority is to conduct an internal look into the department’s processes and systems, utilizing evidence-based data to deduce statistical findings and incorporate applicable Lean-based tools and methodologies to make improvement recommendations in an effort to promote equitable policies and practices.

MST is responsible for building the department’s Management System and supports all department staff in the proper use of these systems. Additionally, MST includes a Legal Affairs Unit and a Projects Unit. The Legal Affairs Unit oversees Public Records Act requests, department Policy and Procedure and the tracking of legislation. The Projects Unit is responsible for various reports on Pretrial, Day Reporting Centers, Firearms Relinquishment, Community Corrections Partnership Executive Committee, Community Correction Partnership and Annual Realignment Plan.

SDU ensures compliance with department, county and state-mandated training. SDU is responsible for providing staff with annual training which include Standards in Training for Corrections courses such as Probation Corrections Officer Core, Deputy Probation Officer Core and Supervisor Core. They also provide Peace Officer Standards in Training courses such as PC 832 Arrest and Firearms.

Joseph P. Doty