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Executive Branch

Administrative & Business Services

Cherilyn Williams
Chief Deputy Probation Administrator

Administrative and Business Services (ABS) is responsible for providing the infrastructure through which the department can achieve its mission.  The two primary functions of ABS are Human Resources Services and Fiscal Services. 

The Human Resources Division is responsible for finding, hiring, managing and retaining employees, and for ensuring that the right employees, in the right numbers, are deployed throughout the department to achieve its goals. The Human Resources Division encompasses three distinct units; the Professional Standards Bureau, Personnel Services Unit and Public Relations Unit. The Professional Standards Bureau is responsible for hiring highly qualified individuals and ensuring that each candidate meets the requirements to work in a public safety agency; conducts thorough and objective internal affairs; and oversees departmental compliance with federal, state and county safety standards. The Personnel Human Resources Support Unit coordinates the efficient management of all payroll and leave management services, administers employee benefits, as well as the onboarding new hires and managing the orientation process to get employees set up in their new roles. The Public Relations Unit is responsible for communicating and building a relationship with the public, including oversight of the department’s website and social media; publishing the department’s newsletter and annual reports; and coordinating and planning the department’s employee recognition ceremony. Together, these units function as a highly effective, customer-oriented team.

The Fiscal Services Division is responsible for the preparation and management of the department’s budget while adhering to federal, state, and local accounting principles, policies and procedures. The Fiscal Services Division is divided into four core units that perform specific services on behalf of the department. These units are the Management Reporting Unit (MRU), Accounts Payable/Procurement Unit, Contracts and Grant Unit and Facilities and Asset Management Unit. The MRU is responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring all the department’s budget activities, including revenue management, grant accounting and long-term financial planning. The Accounts Payable/Procurement Unit is responsible for the procurement and payment of goods and services to vendors while ensuring compliance with accounting and purchasing policies. The Contracts and Grants Unit oversees the effective and efficient facilitation of all contract and grant activities, including the solicitation of program services; development, approval and execution of contracts; and facilitate Board acceptance of grant funds and contracts. The Facilities and Asset Management Unit is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of new and existing facilities and the safeguarding of department assets.


CDPA Cherilyn Williams